Mike Enzi (R)

U.S. Senate


Place of residence: Gillette

Other elected offices held: United States Senate, Senator from Wyoming, 1997-present; Wyoming State House of Representatives, Representative, 1987-1991

Wyoming State Senate, Senator, 1991-1997

Mayor of Gillette, served two, four-year terms beginning in 1975

Qualifications for office you are seeking: I have a proven record of service in Wyoming, first as a businessman and accountant, then as a Mayor and state legislator and now in the U.S. Senate. I’ve raised my children in Wyoming, held jobs in Wyoming and had employees in Wyoming. I’ve traveled and worked in nearly every community in this state. In the U.S. Senate, I’ve worked to reduce spending, rein in the reach of the federal government, stop burdensome regulations that cripple our energy sector and keep healthcare decisions in the hands of doctors and patients. People in Wyoming know me. They know where I stand and they know how I work. I’m proud of the relationships I have established with Wyoming citizens and the trust I have built. They know in the U.S. Senate I represent their interests every single day. And I have the record to prove it. My dad always said, “You can tell what someone will do by looking at what they have already done.” People in Wyoming can look at what I’ve done and know what I will keep doing.

Why are you seeking office?

Because of my grandkids. There’s too much work to be done to preserve the kind of life for them in this state that so many of us enjoyed. And because Wyoming people trust me to do the right thing. After a life spent in this state, working to make it better, Wyoming people trust me. This trust allows me to have open and frank discussions with folks in Wyoming about the future for their families. I listen and then work to find a commonsense solution most people can agree on and that’s consistent with my principles.

This trust also translates to the relationships I have built with colleagues in the Senate. They know where I stand, and where I stand firm, but I’ve been able to work with other Senators in a manner that allows me to deliver real results for the people of Wyoming.

What would you make a priority if elected? Why?

My goals are to rein in the reach of the federal government, protect small businesses and our energy sector, ensure Wyoming families are able to pursue their dreams, and keep local control where it belongs – with the states. Right now, my top priorities are reducing the national debt, putting an end to the Obama Administrations “War on Coal,” repealing and replacing Obamacare, and stopping the overreach of the federal government.

Wyoming residents are very concerned about the national debt. People in Wyoming are frustrated by Washington spending and are looking for solutions. I’m continuing to champion policies in Washington that will rein in spending and begin to pay down the debt. I recently re-introduced the “the One Percent Spending Reduction Act of 2014,” a bill that would balance the budget in three years by cutting spending by one percent each year. The future of the energy industry also remains at the forefront of people’s minds. President Obama continues to propose and implement rules that make it harder to produce energy here in Wyoming.

Over the past year, he’s used the Environmental Protection Agency to try and regulate coal out of existence. Wyoming’s energy industry is the cornerstone of our state’s economy – driving jobs, revenues for the state and innovation that keeps us at the forefront of the industry.

Obamacare is another major issue for Wyoming residents. They want to see Obamacare repealed. And that is just what I am working to do in Washington. I have been the strongest possible opponent of Obamacare. I voted and worked against Obamacare when it passed and have continued to do so at every opportunity. I had a plan for reforming the healthcare system before President Obama became a Senator. I’m currently working on legislation that helps restore full-time employment to 40 hours, which would exempt more businesses from health care mandates. I’ve also introduced legislation that would reverse the Obama Administration’s recent decision to delay next year’s Obamacare insurance enrollment deadline until after the 2014 election.


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