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During Pine Bluffs Town Meeting on Aug. 18, Mayor Shain read a letter from Larry Silvery asking for a Consensus Block Grant for his Veterans Memorial. However, the motion died due to lack of a second. On Tuesday. Sept. 2, Silvery was at the town meeting to talk about modifications done to the memorial and ask for the town’s support.

New business began with Silvery addressing the Council about the Veterans Memorial. Silvery began explaining some modifications to the memorial including changing the first Ten Amendments Wall to a Wall of Thanks to donors of the memorial. Silvery said The Wyoming Veterans Association has started looking for two pieces of artillery equipment to add to the memorial. However, the association won’t be able to transport the pieces to Pine Bluffs.

Silvery said the main question he’s been asked is, “What kind of support are you getting?”

Silvery said he has a few companies who are willing to give him discounts and provide supplies. However, some business are unsure about donating because they don’t know if the town is supporting the project or how their company benefits from the project. Silvery said, at this point, he’s half way to the point of satisfying the minimal need for the memorial. Silvery has chosen Dec. 1 to be the deadline to decide if the memorial has enough funds and supplies to be constructed. Silvery said if the project doesn’t work, all the funds for the memorial will be returned to the donors around that date.

Investing the money was a concern for the council, but the memorial would benefit the town as well as bring more visitors into the town. Councilman Mike Ragsdale moved to apply for a Consensus Block Grant with a second from Councilman Alan Curtis.

A Professional Services Agreement for an emergency grant was added to new business. On July 21, one of two hydro constant pump drives failed within Pine Bluffs’ portable water booster station that serves residents located on the bluffs within the southeast corner of town. The agreement for Lidstone and Associates to prepare an Emergency MRG application for funding the replacement of the existing pump skid and installation of a new emergency generator was approved.

An agreement for an $3.50 increase to all base water rates was also approved. This increases is needed to meet all dept payments on the loan package to purchase the North Wells Project. Later in the town meeting, the council approved the financing package from Wyoming Water Development Commission for the North Wells Project.

A sewer rate increase was also approved. However, Sewer rates were to be increased by $3.00 this Fiscal Year, but there was enough revenues from 2013-14 to fund the operation for this year. No raise will be done at this time.

An application for AWOS/NAVAIDS maintenance reimbursement, which is done annually for reimbursements for the maintenance cost at the airport, was approved. The Wyoming Aeronautics Division Grant in Aid program assists in financing maintenance of AWOS/NAVAIDS at the airport.

The council also approved the Fiscal Year 2014-15 Budget to capture revenues and expenses related to the City Park gazebo project.

The council approved a resolution for the EMT Retirement Contributions. In 2009, the council decided to pay for half of the WY Retirement Contribution for the EMTs. The WY Retirement System required a resolution to be approved for their records.

The council made a comment to hire a supervisor/manager for parks, grounds and buildings in Pine Bluffs. It would be an individual who is independent for other departments to take care of mowing, snow removal, maintenance, buildings, sidewalks, cemetery, etc. Councilman Curtis will develop a job description for next town meeting.

For visitor comments: Arkansas Le Marr, Executive Director of The Arc of Laramie County, announced Octoberfest will be held from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 27 at the Archer Recreation Complex in Archer. Le Marr asked the council for some type of transportation for residents who want to attend the festival. The mayor suggested talking to Sonja Fornstrom, Recreation Director, about using the town bus. Le Marr also asked for a good location to display an Octoberfest poster. The mayor suggested the fences in front of the gas stations on 8th Street and to talk with the business owners.


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