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Two key employees resign from Laramie County School District 2


Two administrators within Laramie County School District 2 gave notices of intent to leave their positions at Monday night’s school board meeting in Carpenter.

Brent Bacon, Director of Special Services within Laramie County School District 2 gave notice of his resignation, news which comes just two weeks after receiving the Wyoming Special Education Administrator of the Year award.

Jack Cozort, superintendent of the school district, gave his notice of retirement after six years at his position. He will continue to serve as superintendent through the remainder of the school year.

Members of the board spoke highly of both men following the announcements.

“Mr. Cozort, I’d just like to publicly say that I tremendously appreciate the efforts that you have expended in these six years on this board,” said former chairman Esther Davison. “I’ve found you always to be absolutely, completely honest and straight with me. I appreciated that immensely.

“I believe that you’ve done some really good things for the curriculum – I think we’re finally getting someplace on the curriculum.”

Davison also mentioned her appreciation of Cozort’s efforts in making teachers’ jobs easier, as well as his concern for the students themselves.

“I’d like to thank you for the fact that I know that you care about every kid in this district, and that every kid in this district, it matters to you that they learn,” she said.

Jeff Kirkbride, new vice-chairman of the board, expressed his disappointment with Bacon’s decision to leave the district for a new position.

“Granted, I’m really furious at you, buddy,” Kirkbride said to Bacon. “But that’s really a great honor. You know, we went a couple weeks ago at the convention, and you received an award amongst all your peers in this state. And we all understood what a big deal that was. There’s a lot of people doing what you do, and you’re recognized as the best.

“Thank you for all your hard work, and you shouldn’t be going,” he jokingly added.

In other business at the meeting, members elected new officers to replace or reappoint officers with expired terms. The new chairman, Taft Love, was elected to replace Esther Davison who had served for six years. Jeff Kirkbride, former clerk, was elected as the new vice-chairman, Todd Fornstrom was elected as clerk and Julianne Randall was reappointed as treasurer.

In light of the resignation of Cozort, Brian Farmer, Executive Director of the School Board Association was asked to speak about the processes available to the district in its search for a new superintendent. Farmer delineated different options and gave examples of how other Wyoming districts conducted their searches. The board ultimately decided to hire the School Board Association to serve as consultants in the hiring process.


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