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Home run for Cheyenne boy, torrents of rain and a big Happy Birthday to Tu Youyou


Not sure how to weave torrential rains, big major league home runs, some crazy Cheyenne bicyclists and a few other items that caught my eye into a coherent statewide column, but here goes:

The Great Cheyenne flood of 1985 dumped six inches of rain on the state’s capital city and caused devastating damage and killed some folks, too.

Here in Lander, we endured 4.64 inches of showers over a 48-hour period on May 6-8 and I started to think about that Cheyenne deluge.

Nearly a thousand basements were flooded but the big damage occurred in Fort Washakie and Hudson. Poor Hudson is where all three forks of the Popo Agie River come together. Half the town was under water.

It was serious but not nearly so deadly as Cheyenne’s experience. Now with massive snow packs in the towering Wind River Mountains, we are nervously awaiting the big runoff that occurs in the first week of June.

On a lighter note, I wrote a recent column about how many small towns have their “9 old men” who try to run things. The column was about coffee klatches where gray-haired men gather to gossip in ways much worse that the typical beauty shop.

Teense Willford of Saratoga took umbrage that I did not include his group of heavyweights who run that town from their coffee table – or who think they do.

Good to hear you from you, Teense. Hope to drop by next time I am in Saratoga.

My favorite story on recent weeks concerns the famous Boston Red Sox slugger David “Big Papi” Ortiz. He told a young Cheyenne boy named Maverick Schutte he would hit a home run for him.

True to his word, Ortiz belted a game-winning blast to beat the New York Yankees. According to the Boston Globe, little Maverick, age 6, has undergone more than 30 surgical procedures due to a congenital heart defect.

Ortiz made the promise through former Red Sox player Kevin Millar who met Maverick through the Children’s’ Miracle Network.

Millar flew the boy to Boston so he could meet his hero in person. You can follow Maverick on his Facebook Page, Prayers for Maverick. What a great story.

Congrats to John Davis of Worland for his new book about Tom Horn. Looking forward to reading it.

Congratulations also to his grandson Chris Thile who recently was the guest host of the Prairie Home Companion on National Public Radio.

Back during Denver’s Super Bowl run, Chris put together a clever piece called “Omahallelujah,” which he and cast performed about Peyton Manning. It was about how football can almost become a religion. It has received 350,000 views on YouTube.

And now a word about bikes. I am talking about bicyclists and the crazy folks who ride them so darned fast.

They sort of remind me of the old dog with his head hanging out the window of a speeding car with his jowls flapping. A speeding bike rider is in heaven. Here in Lander, Mike Lilygren and Andy Gramlich fit that description.

But two of the worst members of this lunatic fringe live in Cheyenne. Both Larry Wolfe and Wayne Johnson apparently like risking their necks in crazy endeavors. I follow Larry on Facebook and he is remarkably unscathed for his adventures.

But Wayne . . . oh no.

I happened to sit at the same table with Wayne and Larry at a recent Cheyenne Rotary Club meeting. Wayne told about an amazing crash he had in a tunnel somewhere in Cheyenne. Apparently they do not make a helmet tough enough for his soft head. He hit the ground so hard, it smashed the helmet to smithereens. But here was Wayne still talking coherently . . . or at least as coherently as any normal Wyoming legislator. He says he is not running for office again.

And I see where Larry is running. Good luck to both of them and, boys, please slow down. Especially you, Wayne.

If you want a good laugh follow Cheyenne’s Mike Moser on Facebook. Here are a couple of his recent offerings:

“We recently celebrated our 46th Earth Day. In your mid-40s, your equator starts sagging and your North Pole starts melting.”

And this gem: “In the 2015 Nobel Prizes for Medicine was a Chinese woman named Tu Youyou. I am happy for her but sad about how confusing it must be when her friends try to sing her the Happy Birthday song.

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