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Letter to the Editor


Pine Bluffs Coaching Staff,

Your job as a coach is to help young men grow as individuals so that they can become better members of society. They are not there to boost your ego. As a coach, I’m sure you talk a lot to your players about respect. Is it respectful to another team, which is also made up of young impressionable men, to play the way you did? By keeping your starters in a game when the outcome is clearly in your favor shows a complete lack of class. Great educators do not teach in this manner.

When other teams warn of the poor sportsmanship that your team displays, you should be appalled. Instead, the things our team were warned about were realized.

Last of all, when a team leaves the field, they should not be heckled by an opposing team’s fans. What a classless display of sportsmanship.


J. Chambers

A Mitchell Parent

Mitchell, Neb.


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