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Pine Bluffs Elementary School update


Becky Christofferson/Pine Bluffs Post

Construction continues on the new Pine Bluffs Elementary School. Officials hope the new building will be ready for the 2017-18 school year.

It's hard not to notice the construction progressing little by little each day as the Pine Bluffs new elementary school starts to take shape.

According to Tobin and Associates Matthew Tredennick, an associate principal architect with the company, the construction is progressing on-time and on-budget.

"During the demolition of the existing building some unexpected asbestos-containing material was uncovered, which required additional abatement," Tredennick stated. "That pushed the construction start for the new construction back a few weeks, however the contractors are compressing the schedule where possible and are still targeting the original completion date."

Treddenick explained that most of the work has been completed so far has been underground including aggregate piers and concrete foundations. What Pine Bluffs residents seeing being constructed now are the structural concrete masonry unit walls of the gymnasium and elevator shaft.

"In the coming weeks, the plumbers will continue to work on underground piping and the steel joints and decking will be placed for the gym roof," Treddenick said. "Shortly, thereafter the erection of the building's structural steel frame will begin and the form of the building will begin to take shape."

With the construction of the new building, elementary students have been using Pine Bluffs Historic High School and two modulars just north of the old building. Pine Bluffs Elementary Principal Andrea Verosky said that everything has been running smoothly for the students and staff. "Things are going great here at the historic high school. The students have adjusted nicely to the change of learning environment," she explained. "The teachers have been very flexible, doing what is needed to keep the focus on our students."

Veroksy said the biggest obstacle with using the building has been space. "We are using every available including having classes up on the stage, but it has been working out great." Without a library for the students to use, the Pine Bluffs Branch Library has opened its' doors to the school to use once a week for library time.

A concern of Veroksy's at the start of the year was that of no playground equipment for the children to play on during recess time. "However, I think it has been a blessing. It is so refreshing to see students being more creative and using their imaginations as they create fun games to play during recess," she explained.

Breakfasts and lunches from Burns have been transported to Pine Bluffs for elementary students to eat as well as those who come over from the junior-senior school. Veroksy said that there have not been any issues and that it seems to "be working fine".

It is hopeful that construction will be completed by the fall of 2017 so that students can start the new school year in the new building.


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