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By Gary Collins
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Albin mayor and council members take the oath


Gary Collins/Pine Bluffs Post

Being sworn in May 11, for their terms as councilmen and mayor of Albin are from left: Incumbent Bob Anderson, Kate Randall, first time councilwoman, Mayor Kelly Krakow and Incumbent Councilman Kelley Kriz. Behind Kriz is his wife Jillian Kriz who is administering the oath of office.

Following the May 2 Albin town election, the victors were sworn in at the conclusion of the regularly scheduled town hall meeting, May 11.

Sworn in were Mayor Kelly Krakow for a third term. Also sworn in were Kelley Kriz for a second term, Bob Anderson for another term, how long Anderson has served the town on the council and as mayor has not been discovered by the Post. Inquiries have proved fruitless. All that has been discovered is Anderson has been serving as long as those questioned can remember.

Newcomer to Albin politics, Kate Randall took the oath of office. She is replacing Jerrie Gehrman who took over the council seat last year when Greg Woolington resigned his seat. There were three years remaining on Woolington's term when he resigned. Gehrman served for one year prior to the May 2 election when her seat was put up to the voters for the remaining two on her term.

In regular voting both Randall and Gehrman received 11 votes. The tie was resolved by putting seven candidates names in a hat and the slips were one drawn one at a time. The first candidate's name who was drawn four times was the winner and that was Randall.

It should be noted that Gehrman sat with the council on this her last meeting as councilwoman and pursued her duties with the same energy and engagement with which she served all of her term. She also made clear to the council that she stands ready to continue to serve the council and the Town of Albin in whatever capacity they feel is necessary.

During the meeting it was reported that two applications have been received for the position of maintenance man have been received. The applications will be interviewed this coming week and the council is hopeful of replacing Aaron Anderson who has taken work with the county.

The second reading of the 2017-18 town budget was had with a third and final reading of the proposed budget taking place at the June 8 council meeting.


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