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There's no place like HOME


October 12, 2017

Midori Fabela

Homecoming events created by PBHS student council

Homecoming in Pine Bluffs is kind of a big deal, especially for the sports kids. Last year was one of our best years. Not only did we win, but we had a lot of outdoor fun and it's never a bad thing to go outdoors. In a school of 182 kids, most of the them know each other. Pine Bluffs is a fairly friendly school and the new kids will fit right in with all the activities going on. They'll have something to participate in no matter what. This year's big event is dodgeball. Grab a team of 3 girls and 3 boys and sign up!

Homecoming week is one of the craziest weeks at Pine Bluffs High School. Not only because of the dressing up, but the games. The volleyball girls seem very excited to go against the Southeast Cyclones. This time they're sure they can beat 'em! We also have the bonfire and a homecoming dance. The bonfire is a big hit for the whole high school, even the junior high. Last year the dance was outside with the bonfire and students thought it was a blast.

Although Homecoming seems super fun, it is also very stressful. The planning takes weeks before homecoming. Classes start having meetings for the floats, then make a float for the parade on Main Street for everyone to see. This year the seniors have made it clear that losing isn't an option. One could say the students in Pine are a little competitive, but they're all friends in the end.

"I think homecoming is something that brings unity. My favorite thing would have to be the dress up days." Said the Student Council Vice President, Kenzie Graves.

This year's dress up is:

There's no place like HOMEcoming Hornets and Hornet supporters are welcome to OZ this week to celebrate Homecoming!

RED CARPET DAY! Dress in your best to meet the Great and Powerful OZ!


FARMER DAY! Dress like a farmer to honor the Scarecrow!

OPPOSITES DAY! Are you the good witch or wicked? Dress as an opposite twin, opposite colors, or like a boy/girl.

BEACH DAY! Lather up in sunblock so you don't rust like the Tin Man

Monday, OCTOBER 9 through Friday, OCTOBER 13


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