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Liberty Park main item on Burns' Town Council agenda.


October 19, 2017

Plans for Liberty Park were on the Agenda at the Oct. 9 Burns' town council meeting. Harvey Humphrey was present to discuss the plans. The plan is to start advertising in October for three weeks and have the bid opening on November 30. The projected time for Liberty Park to be 100% is September 1, 2018. A copy of the bid document along with the a set of plans is at the town office. The water feature is the only part that is not included in the plans, as that will be done by Sawyer Landscaping. The park will include walk ways, benches and picnic tables with easy access for mowing. There will be parking where the old modular was, including handicapped parking on each side. Motion carried to put the project out for bid opening November 30.

A building permit for 424 E Second Street for a 12 ft X 24 ft metal shed was also discussed, Darius Mandel reported that he had reviewed the permit and saw no issues. Motion carried to allow the construction of the shed.

John Bartels with Troop 1010 was present to thank the council for the use of the gym and donations to his Eagle Scout “First Aid Preparation and Emergency Preparedness” project on Oct. 7.

Ambulance report included a total of 12 calls: 5 responded to 1 transported. Jeff Bartels informed council that he is waiting on an application for a new EMT, as well as trying to schedule a CPR/First Aid Class. The cost for this class will be $100 per person and will be open to the public. AMR (American Medical Response) will be giving free flu shots to the Burns' EMTs.

Maintenance report included that a meeting with the Fire Marshall, several firelights needed to be repaired, batteries are on order. Darius Mandel that the trouble with the heaters for the computers are being controlled in the individual rooms and are working fine and the blade needs a new starter. Request for permission to take the small John Deere in to have serviced, motion carried to have the John Deere serviced.

Councils Member Johnstone reported during the utility board meeting Marty Jones discussed the progress of well A-3. Discussion on allowing utility bills to be paid on line future presentation, regarding this to be done, at the next utility board meeting.

The council had the third and final Reading of Ordinance 13A.01 (a) titled: Alcoholic Beverages. This ordinance is to establish times in which alcoholic beverages can be sold in the cafe. A roll call vote was done with the Motion carried.

Executive session was requested with no decisions made during the session.


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