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New Snow removal plan adopted by Town Pine Bluffs

Discussion and approval of the snow and ice removal plan for the town of Pine Bluffs was the focus of this weeks town council meeting.

It is helpful for the residents of Pine Bluffs to keep in mind that the same four or five public works employees are the same public works people that are tending to any electrical issues. This may mean that if a power outage occurs, it will take presidents over snow removal on a priority 2 snow plowing.

The purpose of this plan is to establish guidelines and standards to ensure that snow and ice is removed from roadways, sidewalks, & parking lots in a safe and efficient manner, provide effective dates, provide standards for commencing the removal process and provide a prioritized map and list. Effective dates are annually from October 1st through April 30th.

Snow-plowing and roadway treatments will be performed any time the accumulation reaches two (2) or more inches, or the roadways become iced due to freezing temperatures, with response times in accordance with the priorities. The sidewalks listed in this plan will be cleared when snow reaches a depth of 1" by use of a skid steer with a brush attachment; hand scooping/shoveling will only be performed at Town buildings to include the Town Hall, Police Department, Commerce Building, and Public Works warehouses. Property and business owners are responsible for their entryways and sidewalks regardless of location. These standards will be consistently applied with the intention that snow will be cleared sufficiently to present safe conditions for the day's activities on any day that the Town is open.

Holidays and evenings/weekends may present opportunities to relax the standards. During those times, the Public Works Director will coordinate efforts as needed to maintain safe passage throughout the Town. The Public Works Director shall determine, based on the above standards, when snow and ice should be removed on weekday evenings/nights (4pm - 6am), weekends and holidays. The Public Works Director will also determine the appropriate equipment, working hours and personnel to be utilized for snow and ice removal.

The Town of Pine Bluffs Snow Removal Routing Map will be used to implement the snow removal process. Plowing operations will continue until all snow has been sufficiently removed. Snow removal equipment will be routed according to the following priorities. These priorities are to be reviewed and updated by the Public Works Director annually and presented to the Governing Body for review, approval, and inclusion as the Snow Removal Routing Plan.

Priority 1

Bare pavement streets that carry most of the traffic including: emergency Vehicle access and parking, the area designated as Cemetery Hill on Beech Street and the East 10th Street hill and Primary routes for businesses within the Town limits

NOTE: Churches and Places of Worship may be considered Priority 1 during Sundays and specific holidays when services are held

Sidewalks to include: Main Street from 2nd to 4th Street, Pine Bluffs Day Care Center, Pine Bluffs Town Hall, Commerce Building, City Park Center, 2nd Street from Market to Elm Street, 3rd and 4th Street from Market to Maple Street, Community Center and Senior Center

Priority 2

Streets that enable most residents to be within one block of a well plowed street.

Continuous or back-to-back snowfalls may require restarting Priority 1 routes list even if the other areas have not been completed.

During a major snow event when travel is not recommended, only emergency vehicle access roads and the sidewalks to occupied businesses shall be cleared along with access to homes on the Cemetery Hill portion of Beech Street and East 10th Street.


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