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Postal Changes concerning delivery


November 9, 2017

Courtesy of Town of Burns

Burns Post Office

Change of any kind, be it good, bad or just taking time to get use to it, is what the Hillsdale, Burns and Carpenter resident are encountering, with the newly appointed postmaster, Mathew Hinkle .

Hillsdale, Burns and Carpenter towns people are wrestling with the new implementation of the standard postal service delivery methods.

A meeting was scheduled for Oct. 24 at 1:00 p.m. Representation by several members of the three small communities, Karmen Rossi (representative for Liz Cheney office), the new Postmaster, and other members of the local post office were in attendance.

There were issues voiced by members of the community regarding the non-delivery of mail and packages, that have been sent back due to improper addressing. Although some of the community attendees felt that the post office was not represented in the best light.

Per a letter received from the Postmaster, Mathew Hinkle, to Rossi, he was wanting to address these issues. One point Hinkle had was "It is important to have the Post Office Box number on all correspondence that is expected to be delivered. This is the way that mail and parcel are sorted and delivered." Hinkle went on to explain that all government agencies, including the VA, Social Security, State and County will send correspondence to a Post Office Box, some items such as ballots, insurance checks, and benefit checks cannot be rerouted from a street address to a post office box per the mailers request.

A suggested format if you are filling out a form is: Name, Any Street Address, PO Box Any, Town, State, Zip code, this way if for reason the shipper uses the United States Postal Service as the last mile of delivery, there is no questions as to where it should be delivered.

Some of the other issues that were addressed in Hinkle's letter were, they are expanding the availability of Parcel lockers, which will help improve access to mail after hours. In addition action is being taken to improve the lobby and outside of the Post Office building to better reflect the community.

Comment from Maddy Weast, Press Secretary for Representative Liz Cheney, "Our office is continuing to work with the U.S. Postal Service to find a resolution and improve customer service for the residents of Hillsdale, Carpenter, Burns, Pine Bluffs, and Albin, especially during the upcoming holiday season."


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