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Council picks Christmas Decoration Winners


December 21, 2017

The minutes of the previous meeting were discussed at the December 18th Council Meeting. Items included the claims payroll, extending the hours for the Pine Bluffs Distilling on New Years Eve, the water tank project, and the sale of unused city vehicles.

The hour extension on New Years Eve for the Pine Bluffs Distilling along side the Knotty Pine have been approved. The usual time of closure for these establishments is 1 a.m. however the times will be adjusted to 2 a.m..

The water tank project was also discussed during the meeting. It was mentioned that DN Tanks had the lowest bid which also included a $20,000 force account. This low bid also added all the alternatives needed for the project. Adding site chain link fencing surrounding both tanks for security, also water float switches, and disinfectant check valves. All of which leaves the city with a positive variance on the project of almost $300,000.

The 3rd subject mentioned during the meeting was the city trucks pending approval for sale. The only two city vehicles being used are Ford F350s, meaning they use more gas than is ideal. The Request being considered is that the equipment replacement schedule be a new truck to be received by the Public Works Department.

The last portion of the meeting was used for visitor comments and new subjects to be brought up. There were no visitor comments but many subjects brought up to talk about. Such as the geo survey waiting arrival to start planning the site plan for the new parking lot. Another subject was Sonya Fornstrom applying for a grant for the kite festival which was approved for $1,500 for next years kite festival. One of the few things mentioned was the inspection done on the air port fuel systems. The inspection was passed but there were a few changed needing to be fixed. The paper work needed improvement along with warning signs for aviation fuel.

The meeting had a few more minor conversations that will be presented in the next meeting.

The top ten winners for the Christmas Decoration contest were named. (These may be found on A3).-

The next council meeting will be held on Tuesday January 2nd due to the New Year holiday.


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