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February 8, 2018

Elizabeth Syvanen

Left to Right: Seniors -Scout Pachel, Kenzie Graves, Aylssa Miller.

Senior year is hard, even for the seniors. "I feel like I'm surviving but just barely," was the answer I got from most of the 2018 Graduates to be. I decided to ask what advice seniors would give to underclassmen, and to my surprise there was a lot of similar answers. The first secret was to "stay on top of your course work, and don't procrastinate, because it will snowball," which came from fellow senior Kenzie Graves. Second, "Apply for scholarships early on and just take in every moment," which was Alyssa Miller's. Third? Cherish it. "Being so close to people, in a small community is one thing I will always cherish, and is one thing I encourage my underclassmen to also appreciate." said Scout Pachel. It's no surprise that the senior class has some senioritis, and the best advice I can give is to work hard, don't let it scare you. Keep in mind that you need your friends as much as they need you and don't limit yourself to comfort zones. Make it count and don't forget to hang in there, because we'll make it. On that note, best of luck to the Seniors, as well as my underclassmen!


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