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Small Town, Big Family


Living in a small town has many pros and many cons, one in particular being how many jobs are available and how many people are looking for jobs. Recently I moved to Colorado, and the windows of opportunity seemed much wider, as there were many more businesses around me to look at to find work. However, the jobs still have similar cons as they did when looking for work in a small town. There are still many people searching for employment but only so many jobs. With the population here being around 80,000 and the population of Pine Bluffs being approximately 1,130 (according to online stats,) there was a big difference. Wanting to know more about what it was like to search for a job in a small town, I decided to ask a few employees I know of who are currently employed in Pine Bluffs as well as a few people who are still searching for work. Many said that it was easier, because people were more willing to let you know if there were job offers open, and others said it was harder because there wasn’t as many places you could get a job within driving distance, without going to another place, such as Cheyenne. Many kids choose to go to Cheyenne instead. Out of all of the responses, one stuck out that made a lot of sense and did have a relevant difference than looking for work in a city. “It’s better in the sense that Pine Bluffs is more of a giant family. People are willing to tell you If there’s a job out there and because everyone knows everyone practically, recommendations are almost a given. Which can be a pro or a con, depending on your reputation, but I don’t think that’s something you could have if it was a big city, or even if it was a bigger town.” Overall, I’m loving this new city I live in, but I will miss the way that the community I lived around was always a family, and willing to help whenever possible.


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