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Andrew John Bremer A Veteran's Story


Courtesy of A. Bremer

On his wedding day, in a pieced uniform with his bride Cortney.

Coming from a six generation military family, and a third generation United States Navy family, Andrew John Bremer was destined to follow in a uniform.

Bremer was born in Hemingford, Nebraska in 1977. Joseph Bremer, his grandfather served in WWII and was a gunners mate. His father, George Bremer, also served in the U. S. Navy, and then settled down to farming/ranching in the Alliance/Hemingford area.

Andrew "Andy" Bremer's family came to the Hemingford area in the 1880s. They are of German and Czechoslovakian heritage. When Andy was sixteen, his father stepped away from farming/ranching and became an Alliance police officer. Andy continued helping his grandfather out on the farm until his graduation from Alliance High School, in 1996.

Upon enlisting in the U. S. Navy, Bremer found himself as an AME - Aviation Metal Smith. He worked on the F-14 egress system and ejection seats.

While on shore, he was a "Collateral Duty Inspector" Second class Petty Officer. When at sea, Bremer was a "Sea Deck trouble shooter.

Bremer served from 1996-2000. During these four years, he would serve aboard the USS John F. Kennedy, (CV-67); USS Constellation (CV-64. He would have cruises that would take him all around Asia-Singapore, Hawaii, and the Atlantic Northern region. Bremer has also been to the middle east.

"I have seen the north and the south, east and west, along with crossing the equator more than once." Bremer stated. "We call those 'Shell back sailors'!" he added. "As well as a 'Blue nose sailor - that's north and south!"

While home on leave, during his time in service, Bremer married his high school sweetheart, Cortney Johnson. "I didn't pack a uniform when I came home on leave, so between my dad and grandpa we were able piece together a uniform for me to wear to get married. I wore dad's white pants, my grandpa's leather shoes, my top and my dad's hat!"

Courtesy Western Nebraska Observer

Chief Bremer and family.

After his first enlistment was up, Bremer chose to return home and work the farm/ranch. "Yes, I was a 'cowboy'" he said. He turned his jeans in for another uniform and become a police officer like his father. For seven years, Bremer would patrol the streets of Alliance. His uniform would change to Railroad security/investigator to that of City of Kimball, Nebraska as he is currently the police chief there.

Bremer has lived mostly in the Alliance, Nebraska area, and close by places like Meridan, West Point, Nebraska with the exception of his military. When he was not on board ship he was stationed at Oceana, Virginia Beach, Virginia. "I have also lived in Topeka, Kansas when I worked for the railroad for three years." he said, "But it's good to be here!" he added.

Bremer, his wife, Cortney and their two children have made Kimball home. "If you want to serve, then do it, it's a way to protect our country, and home life." he said. Thank you for serving.


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