OSHA: 'Serious' violations in June dairy farm death


December 20, 2018

A dairy farm near Carpenter is facing approximately $25,000 in penalties following the death of a worker last June.

The federal Occupational Health and Safety Administration currently lists four serious violations totaling $25,275 for Burnett Enterprises.

The penalties listed as serious violations are pending abatement, meaning if the company can make amends the penalties could reduced or eliminated.

While working at Burnett Enterprises on June 5, an employee identified as Erasmo Baeza Gonzalez, 52, entered a well house with two electrical contractors to make repairs.

According to a Laramie County Sheriff’s Department press release, at some point, Baeza fell down the well shaft into several feet of water. He was quickly overcome by methane fumes and quickly fell under the water.

His coworkers attempted to rescue him, but could not due to the toxic fumes. They were later transported to Cheyenne Regional Medical Center and treated for their injuries.

In the fatality report on the OSHA website, the nature of the safety violations deal with proper ventilation in confined spaces.


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