City officers and councilmen sworn in for next term


Victoria Smithey

Above left: The swearing in of Pine Bluffs City Attorney Alex Davison, Pine Bluffs Police Chief Justin Trout, Carleen Graves, Pine Bluffs City Clerk, and Kim Patterson, Pine Bluffs City Treasurer by Mayor Alan Curtis.

Monday's town council meeting saw the swearing in of Tom Mohren for another term. Mayor Allan also saw over the swearing in of offices: Carleen Graves as Clerk, Kim Patterson as Treasurer, Justin Trout as Chief of Police, and Finally, Alex Davidson as City Attorney. Judge Mark Moran and Councilman Michael "Bubba" Ragsdale were unable to attend the meeting and will be sworn in at a later date.

Swearing ins over, the council moved on to town business. Pine's six-penny money will be used to pay for phase one of the sanitary sewer project. An open bidding was held to complete the project which was given to Town and Country Plumbing from Burns who came in at a price of 480,475 dollars for the first phase. Another 10,000 had also been approved for earlier fixing of the town swimming pool. The pool is open now and is doing well with the patch thus far, but will need to be resurfaced for next years season at a hefty price of in excess of $100,000 dollars which should be covered by a grant that the town has applied for, and anticipates will have no issue getting; however, in the event that does not happen the pool will still need the work and extending the hours may help cover those costs. The town is aggressively seeking an SRF/MRG grant which will cover the instillation of a deep well to keep nitrates under control in the local water. Also being worked on is a grant for a feasibility study to determine whether or not Pine Bluffs will be able to support an assisted living facility.

Another discussion concerning the pool was the extension of the pools season. As it stands now, the pool is open until mid August. Councilwoman Janna Kestner suggested a later season that stretched into weekends until after Labor Day. The council took a vote and unanimously approved the pools extended hours. After the original August closing time the pool will continue to stay open on the weekends and on one week day evening until Labor Day is over. Although this decision was passed and carried Mayor Alan Curtis has asked that if anyone in town has anything they would like to add to please contact Renee at 245-3746 and she will make sure that those thoughts are passed on to the appropriate committee.

Some changes were made to departments chairpersons as well. Donn Randall is now to oversee the recreation department and Janna Kestner will now oversee public works, parks, cemeteries, and facilities. For now those will be the only changes being made to the local representation. The Trail Days committee will host breakfast before the festivities at the Community center this year. Residents should show up for pancakes and donuts before enjoying the festival.

On hand also was representative Devin Jones from Sunrise Engineering, upon his suggestion the council unanimously voted to place a screen process on the North lift station to help keep the lagoon clean. According to Kim Patterson it's imperative to do this at this time. "It's spending a little money now, but it will save a lot in the future." She said.

Finally the third reading of Ordinance 2019-01 the budget for fiscal year 2020 was completed. Mayor Curtis opened the public hearing, asked for questions or comments on the reading three times, and finding no questions or comments from the public the ordinance passed with no opposition. Next town council meeting will be held on June 17th.

Victoria Smithey/Pine Bluffs Post

Above left: Town Councilman Tom Mohren is sworn in by Mayor Alan Curtis for the new term.


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