4-H Bomberger Brothers compete at Scottsbluffs


August 8, 2019

Courtesy of Casey Huckfeldt

Above: Ethan Bomberger with his Reserve Overall 4H Gilt.

Competing at different levels, brothers Ethan and Colton Bomberger of Pine Bluffs have earned themselves quite a following of ribbons, buckles and more.

The brothers recently competed at the Scotts Bluffs County Fair and the results brought prideful smiles on their faces.

When asked about his showmanship and where he sees 4-H benefiting him later down the road Ethan said, "Competing teaches me how to win and how to lose. But I still hate to lose!"

Ethan starting showing beef with help at 2 1/2. At 3 his parents, Tabatha and Chad Bomberger bought two pigs and he showed in the Colorado Junior Shows as a peewee. Shortly after he started showing sheep. The Bombergers raise the animals that he shows. "I sold our sows one year ago after our youngest was born but bought gilts this year to breed again." said Mom - Tabatha Bomberger. His steers come from his grandparents and their Uncle Roy.

Ethan has a passion for livestock since he began competing and his drive to be successful is unmatched. "I love to watch him work his animals." said proudly Tabatha Bomberger.

Colton unfortunately has been in his brothers shadow some but he has a natural talent to show. This was his first year in 4-H and the success he had gave him motivation. However, selling his steer was very difficult. "I'm not sure those not in the show world understand the amount of work and dedication that goes into it. I left my full time job as an Ag Lender when we moved back to Pine Bluffs 4 years ago. I always say that I'm raising kids and animals now but I'm actually raising kids with the assistance of the animals." added Tabatha.

Work ethic and compassion is not something a person is born with but rather is learned. "It's so hard to see my kids upset after selling an animal but I'd be more concerned if they weren't upset." Tabatha said of her boys. Weights and football practice have taken a backseat for Ethan this summer but he's not lacking in exercise or commitment for sure.

The Bomberger brothers are going to show sheep and goats at the Laramie County Fair for FFA/4-H.

Ethan's success has so much to do with his heart. He loves the livestock and the friends he's made while doing it. He also enjoys helping others and gives advice to anyone that asks. Even if they're his competition. He thinks he wants to be a veterinarian some day. He's only twelve so that could change.

Mom Bomberger said, "I enjoy watching him and Colton conduct themselves in the showring. Eye contact with the judge and answering questions with confidence because they're prepared us a valuable life lesson."

Courtesy of Tabatha Bomberge

Above: Big brother Ethan Bomberger - Champion Intermediate Sheep Showman with little brother, Stetson, a future Showman.


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