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Burns Broncs vs Wheatland Bulldogs


October 3, 2019

Bonnie Banville for the Pine Bluffs Post

Above left: Burns Broncs #34 Boe Clayson against 3 defenders from Wheatland Bulldogs trying to hold him back - shooting the gap between #44 Tanner Wilson and #73 Kolton Kesler.

The Burns Broncs were able to dominate the Wheatland Bulldogs last Friday soothing the burn from the crushing homecoming game. Coach Morrison saw his team rise to the challenge and pull out a 42-7 win bringing their season to a 2-2. "The boys played well. We dominated both sides of the ball." Coach Morrison said. And dominate they did. Offensive linemen Gabe Childers, Kolton Keslar, Lincoln Siebert, Mitch Miller, and Wade Pollock brought out an incredible blocking game keeping Wheatland from making it down the field. Keenan Manlove drove home the dominating spirit with two sacks for the game while Kolton Keslar and Caden David scored two interceptions helping to lock in the win.

Bonnie Banville for the Pine Bluffs Post

Above right: #1 Kaden Lakin, #43 Dalton Blosmo, #64 Mitch Miller taking down runner with #21 Cooper Lakin.

#34 Boe Clayson had his second 300 plus yard game of his career and was able to make Wyoming history by having one of the ten best rushing performances in Wyoming high school history. Wheatland did not want to give up the game easily, and although they had a plan and executed it well, the Broncs were on point ready for everything the Bulldogs would do.

The Broncs will be at home this Friday against the Glenrock Herders. Glenrock managed to hand the Broncs a pretty tough loss last year with a 76-20 score and Coach Morrison doesn't want the boys to forget it. "How well we played last week is completely irrelevant. If we think it matters how well we played last week, we are gravely mistaken. If we try to rest on our what happened vs Wheatland, Glenrock can and will whip us. Glenrock is great program, and they showed they have no respect for our program because they were onside-kicking when they were up by 5 touchdowns last year. We're excited for the opportunity to earn some respect." Morrison said.

Everyone here is rooting for the Broncs too. Let's hope they can hold this momentum.


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