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Pine Bluffs Hornets vs Big Horn Rams


October 10, 2019

Coming off of last weeks win, the Hornets suffered another defeat this week at the hands of the Big Horn Rams. Twenty minutes into the first quarter the Rams scored their first touchdown, and from there they had found their momentum. After three more touchdowns in the first quarter the Hornets just couldn’t seem to find their stride.

The Hornets picked up a safety for two in the second, but that would be the best that they could do for this game. The Rams picked up three more in the second quarter, and 1 in the third including a field goal bringing the final score for this game to 52/2 Big Horn.

Of mention, Tyler Christofferson and Brian Flores are growing and learning each game. Coach Gray states that both boys, “Have come a long ways this season and are doing lots of things we like to see. They work hard everyday, listen, and are very coachable kids.” Pine will spend this week practicing and getting ready for Fridays rivalry game with Burns. Coming off of a pretty exciting win, Burns will be pumped to play, but they are not taking anything for granted. Coach Morrison expects that his boys will have to work for a win from Pine.

With the Big Horn game in the books, Coach Gray is trying to look forward. “Big Horn is very good, and there wasn’t much to be positive about. We have a lot of kids who play very hard, and do the right things. Unfortunately it only takes one guy to not do their job for things to go south.  We’ll keep working on our weaknesses and hopefully make some strides the last 3 weeks of the season.” Gray stated. We are all rooting for the boys and hope to see a great game this Friday.


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