Chance Walkama A Veteran Story


October 17, 2019

Courtesy of C. Walkama

TSgt. Chance Walkama at the end of his first enlistment.

Chance Walkama was born on the west coast in Orange County, California in the mid 1980's. This California boy would find home on another coast as a youngster.

Walkama's family moved to New York, where he would grow up and graduate high school along side of a brother and two sisters. He graduated from Batavia High School and set out to join the military shortly thereafter.

After choosing a branch of the military, Walkama would enlist in the United States Air Force and his travels would take him to Texas for basic training and his first duty station after tech school would be Wyoming's own F. E. Warren.

His duties were security forces, and while he was stationed at F. E. Warren, he would end up doing a tour in the Middle East - in Iraq. He would serve a year there during 2006-2007.

During his tour in Iraq, he would earn two combat patches - one from the 16th Military Police Brigade and one from the 310 Mountain MP Battalion.

Walkama's experience in the United States Air Force would prepare him for his career when he left active duty with the Air Force Security Forces. From 2008 to 2013 he took a break from the military and was employed with the Laramie County Sheriff's office.

In 2013, Walkama decided to rejoin the military and he enlisted in Wyoming Air National Guard. Again his training from the Air Force and his job with the Laramie County Sheriff's Office would pay off. He found himself being a base investigator and also working with the Wyoming Drug Program.

Being in the military was not a new idea to the Walkama family. "My stepdad was a sergeant in the United States Marine Corps working in Communications; and my grandfather was a Medic in the United States Army and served in Vietnam." Walkama stated.

He reflected back, and said, "You know, as much action as I saw in Iraq, going through it gave me insight and prepared me for what I would experience in the civilian life." He further stated, "I have actually seen more bullets fly in the 'war against crime' than I did overseas!"

While on duty with the Laramie County Sheriff's Office, Walkama would experience the dreaded officer shooting. "We had a man trying to end his life tragically when he would attempt to commit suicide by taking on police with a weapon. We tried to talk him down, but he fired his weapon. He shot at my partner and myself fifteen times. I was shot, and after shooting his rounds, he finally surrendered, and it was done. I handcuffed him and then realized I had been shot"

Walkama received a Purple Heart for being wounded. This is a Purple Heart from Laramie County given to law enforcment. It was presented to Walkama by Sheriff Danny Glick.

Being a Laramie County Sheriff's Deputy, Walkama would venture throughout the county and he came to Pine Bluffs as a part-time officer working with past Chief of Police Justin Trout.

This would lead him to his newest adventure in life. He applied for the position of Chief of Police for Pine Bluffs and was appointed to the position earlier this month.

Penny Merryfield/PineBluffsPost

Above: Chief Chance Walkama in his new office as Chief of Police, for the town of Pine Bluffs.

Walkama is married and has a baby daugther. He is eager to help Pine Bluffs grow and stay crime free as possible. He is still in the Wyoming Air National Guard and will be soon putting on the rank of lieutenant.

Advice to joining the military, Walkama believes it is a good thing. "Pick a career where you can have the training and experience that will transfer into the civilian world and you will earn a good living with great experience."

Chance Walkama, we thank you for your years of service and continued years of service. Welcome to Pine!


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