Patrick V. Currie A Veteran Story


March 26, 2020

Courtesy of Patrick Currie

Above: Patrick Currie at Camp Pendleton, California 1996

Patrick V. Currie was born in Ronan, Montana to Mary Erickson in 1978. At the age of six, he was adopted by John Currie and his adventures in Wyoming would begin.

Currie moved to Evanston, Wyoming during the natural gas boom in 1980s.

He would enter school in Evanston, Wyoming and graduated high school there in 1996.

Upon finishing high school, Currie immediately enlisted in the United States Marine Corp. "I am a third generation Marine! My dad served in the First Gulf War. My grandfather served in the Banana Wars and served on the USS Arizona." said Currie.

He went on to add that his sister, Christina and his grandfather, Vernon Erickson were both in the U.S Navy.

Currie headed to San Diego, California for boot camp and would be assigned to the Light Armored Recon, 1st Marine Division, Bravo Company HQ Platoon.

His base of record would primarily be at 29 Palms, California and Japan.

In Japan, Currie would be stationed in Okinawa and Mount Fuji. During his tour in Japan, Currie entered a race to the top of Mount Fuji in 1999. "I won the race, and it was one of the many events during my tour of duty in Japan I will always treasure." said Currie.

Deployment would take him south of Japan to Brisbane, Australia. "Going to Japan and Australia are trips I may have never gone on, had it not be for the United States Marine Corp. and I have great memories." stated Currie.

During his time in service, Currie was sent to Cleveland National Forest to assist the DEA patrol to seek out marijuana farms. "The DEA would use USMC infantry due to our unique skill set to seek out and recon marijuana farms and monitor the farmers and call in the location to the feds." he said.

After serving four years, Currie was discharged and made his way to St. George, Utah. He would attend college at Dixie State in St. George and obtain his associates degree in Applied Sciences - Paramedical.

After completing his associates degree, Currie would go to work for the Dixie Ambulance Service as a paramedic. He worked in Dixie for several years and then made his way to Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Returning to his home state, would bring many wonderful events in his life. Currie would go to work for the Cheyenne Fire and Rescue, plus American Medical Response. Currie ran the paramedic program at Laramie County Community College for eight years.

"Cheyenne was a great move for me," Currie said. "I met my wife, Amy Gardner, and now we have six wonderful children." Currie's wife, Amy is also a paramedic in Kimball, Nebraska and at Pine Bluffs Health Clinic.

His military training and experiences have helped him further his career. "I am a 20 year paramedic/Fight Paramedic and my skills of courage, integrity and leadership all helped me be successful in the civilian world after I got out.  Self discipline was also a skill learned in the Marines and I grew up pretty fast going straight in to the service right after high school.  The amount you learn is just immense when you first enlist and serve." Currie explained.

Today, Currie is a full-time Flight Paramedic and the Base manager in Rapid City, South Dakota, as well as the lead paramedic at Kimball Health Services in Kimball, Nebraska. He also serves on the ambulance staff as a paramedic with the Pine Bluffs Ambulance Service.

Advice to young people about the military.."I would recommend any young man or woman looking for adventure and who has an "attitude of servitude" to join any branch of the military.  It's not easy, but serving your country benefits you and your family in more ways than you know.  Plus, the pride of being a Veteran is unmatched in my book.  Yes, I would do it all over again.  Semper-Fi!" stated Currie with conviction!

Courtesy of Patrick Currie

Currie on his way down from winning the race up Mt. Fuji in Japan.

We thank you for your service and your continued community service.


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