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Quarantine Days


Courtesy of Kylee Bruns/ Pine Bluffs High School

Above: This is how my family organizes our school work. It is definitely efficient.

There are many different perspectives on COVID-19 quarantine. This experience is different for everyone, some worse than others. In some students' eyes this could be a good thing, because they are organized and have great computers and family members to help them with their work. For some others this might be a bad thing. Maybe they don't live in a good home where they can get the help they need, or the support they need. Like I said, it is different for everyone.

For me, this quarantine is not that big of a deal. My mom is a teacher, so my family has a designated place we call the education table. We sit here from about 8:00 to 12:00 in the morning doing all of our homework for the day. When the homework is done, we do all of the chores around the house. Then there is plenty of time to relax throughout the rest of the day. I think the best part of online classes is that I can pause whenever I need to so I can go make myself another iced coffee. The downside to all of this, is how much I miss my friends and certain teachers throughout the week.

Online classes and online work require tons of organization. Having things organized in an understanding way helps relax your mind. So, I suggest taking about ten minutes out of your Monday morning and making a weekly schedule. This way, you know what you have to complete and not stress about it. The hardest part of this, is actually sticking to that weekly schedule. I know that I say I'm going to do something, but end up procrastinating until the last minute. It has turned into a bad habit, so I know what I need to change. Take it from me, don't procrastinate.

The perspectives on COVID-19 most definitely are changing throughout the days. I know I always say how much I wish I could just stay home everyday and not ever have to leave. I take it back. Quarantine has really taught me how much of an affect my friends and other people have on me. Yes I really miss all of them, but I am actually enjoying quarantine. I get work done, I relax, and I can easily stick to a schedule. Has quarantine taught you something about yourself?


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