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  • Quarantine Days

    Kylee Bruns Pine Bluffs Journalism|Jun 25, 2020

    There are many different perspectives on COVID-19 quarantine. This experience is different for everyone, some worse than others. In some students' eyes this could be a good thing, because they are organized and have great computers and family members to help them with their work. For some others this might be a bad thing. Maybe they don't live in a good home where they can get the help they need, or the support they need. Like I said, it is different for everyone. For me, this quarantine is not...

  • Pheasants Forever Youth Chapter

    Kylee Bruns Pine Bluffs Journalism|Feb 27, 2020

    Recently, our very own Texas Trail Ringnecks youth chapter took a six day trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota. The annual Pheasant Fest and Quail Classic was held at the Minneapolis Convention Center. The youth chapter spent their time teaching children about wildlife identification, conservation, and so much gun safety. Their booths consisted of a shooting trailer and a walkthrough tent. The shooting trailer teaches kids gun safety and how to shoot. Young learners need extra help with learning how t...

  • Christmas At Home

    Kylee Bruns Pine Bluffs Journalism|Dec 12, 2019

    Every year your hometown, Pine Bluffs, has a Christmas at home parade and dinner. This year's parade and dinner was set on a cold night, so there were very few people able to watch the parade. After the parade, most of the people who were watching or weren't watching the parade, drove up to the community center for a hot meal. At the community center many of the families and friends met up to have a fun chili dinner together. If you did not attend, there are so many things that you missed. Our...

  • Pheasants Forever

    Kylee Bruns Pine Bluffs Journalism|Sep 5, 2019

    The student chapter of the Texas Trail Ringnecks is encouraging students to join our chapter. Pheasants Forever is all about helping children and even adults gain information about hunting, conservation and the outdoors. The Pheasants Forever Chapter has recently finished hosting the Family Fun Day event at the Bowmans. These events are a great way to inform the young about gun safety and appreciation for the habitat of our wild animals. Our mission statement "We provide an understanding and app...

  • Pine Bluffs Junior High Graphic Novel

    Kylee Bruns Pine Bluffs Journalism|Feb 21, 2019

    Pine Bluffs Jr. High students have partaken in creating a graphic novel. For these seventh grade students this might be a new idea that they had never thought of doing before. The teachers working with the students are: Eric Kestner, the English teacher, and Anthony Cox, the Art teacher. With those two working together, they helped the students put together an amazing piece of art and literature. Jasmin Garcia is one of many students that participated in creating a graphic novel. "My favorite pa...

  • Pine Bluffs 23rd Annual Bowling Team Challenge

    Kylee Bruns Pine Bluffs Journalism|Jan 17, 2019

    In the small town of Pine Bluffs Wyoming, sits the Pine Bowl ran by Jim and Kate Zitek. This weekend Pine Bowl is having its 23rd Annual Team Challenge. As a team consists of four bowlers that is bowled in Baker Format. This way the team depends on its teammates and it becomes a real team challenge. When I spoke to Tristen Zitek about how he felt about this team challenge, he came back with positive thoughts. "I feel very comfortable and it is just a fun tournament so I make sure I have fun and...

  • Pine Bluffs Junior High Boys Basketball

    Kylee Bruns Pine Bluffs Journalism|Dec 20, 2018

    As a new basketball season has started, our JH team has a lot to look forward to. Even though the JH girls are already finished with their season, the JH boys have something extra for this year. New coaches have arrived in Pine Bluffs for these boys. Mr. Anthony Cox is the assistant coach with Mr. Brian Anderson being the Heach Coach. They both teach at school and will be doing a double duty with having these boys twice a day. Mr. Cox is the Art, Photography, and Desktop Publishing teacher and Mr. Anderson is the P.E. / health, weights and...

  • Predator Derby

    Kylee Bruns Pine Bluffs Journalism|Nov 15, 2018

    The 6th Annual Predator Derby Hosted By The Pine Bluffs Texas Trail Ringnecks has arrived. The Predator Derby hunt allows the people that sign up to hunt the Predators that prey on our pheasants. To register please call (307)-245-3694 or Mail your registration to PHEASANTS FOREVER PO BOX 661, PINE BLUFFS, WY 82082. You register your team name, individual hunter names with Email address and cell phone number. A team consists of up to three hunters. Please register before 11/29/18 with the $75.00 entry fee. The hunt goes through November 29th thr...

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