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Pine Bluffs Distillery launches new whiskey, prepares for rebrand


September 24, 2020

Christopher Green/Pine Bluffs Post

ABOVE: New flavor peach whiskey, new logo, and new bottle.

Pine Bluffs Distilling released a peach whiskey, its first ever fruit infused whiskey, on Saturday, Sept. 19 as its last release before a rebrand launch party planned for Nov. 21.

"We've tried a bunch of different fruits and peaches were always the favorite," said Chad Brown, Pine Bluffs Distilling co-owner and founder. "We've done it on a small scale, and it was really good and lined up with a farm being close by."

The Palisade Suncrest peaches used for the whiskey came from Mike McLean of McLean Farms in Palisade, CO.

"We take pride in our farmers and Palisade peaches are known as being some of the best peaches in the country," said Brown. "We reached out to farmers in Palisade and worked with this specific farm to keep it local."

Brown dumped two barrels of two-year-old whiskey on Aug. 14. and drove down to McLean Farms, bringing back 250lbs of Palisade peaches.

"On Aug. 17 we quartered all the peaches and put them into the two barrels of whiskey, they sat in there for 4 weeks," said Brown.

"Chad chose one of the varieties that I thought would be good for this, Suncrest peaches, they're sweeter and have a lot of peachy flavor," said Mike McLean of McLean Farms.

The peach whiskey is priced at $45 for 750ml.

"We've got a company rebrand going on right now too," said Brown. "We're redoing our logos and relaunching our website Nov. 17., and on Nov. 21 we're going to have a party with our new logo merchandise and to celebrate our three-year anniversary."

Brown says the old block style logo is good but the new one is more classic, timeless, simple and looks like old-timey whiskey, which is what they're going for.

"All the bottles will be changing too. We've gone from the circular bottles to now the square ones. The vodka label changed as well," said Brown.

Continuing the theme of infusion, Pine Bluffs Distilling plans to do a Hatch chili vodka next year.

The distillery developed a relationship with a farmer in Hatch, New Mexico who grows barley and sends it to the distillery for malting.

"He's also a chili farmer though, and we thought that'd be fun to do a chili vodka," said Brown.

Upcoming events will be posted on Pine Bluffs Distilling Facebook and Instagram pages.

"We've got nothing on the books for October, but seeing as Halloween is on a Saturday, we'll probably do something," said Brown.

The peach crop took a big hit this year from early frost.

"We had three nights of frost in a row and it made for a pretty light crop," said McLean. "We sold out all our peaches around Sept. 1."

McLean closed his store for the season on Sept. 20 but will continue to stay open for calls.

"We've got our number out there for boxes of apples and some pears, we still have those to pick."


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