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Crossroads Church hold Youth activities


October 15, 2020

Photos Courtesy of Karen Lipska

What a great Wednesday for kids in Pine Bluffs! At the Crossroads Church the youth group had started this year. Mr. Lee is the leader of this event. At the beginning the board questioned him. Mr. Lee was a busy person with being a teacher, coaching soccer, and having a home life. But he is so excited helping kids all the way, he said yes. He has been doing this for over 10 years.

While the kids were waiting for everyone to get to the church, they played football. Mr. Lee gathered everyone up to play a game to settle everyone down before going into the church. The game was 'Head, Shoulder, Knee, and Cup' having the cup on the ground. They play it like Simon Says. The kids pair up to play. As time went on, the faster they went to eliminate kids to have a winner. Once the game was done, they moved into the church.

Photos Courtesy of Karen Lipska

Mr. Lee announced the rules and what is going on this year. The rules with Covid-19 with the youth are the same rules as the school's. Mask on and 6 ft apart. The kids will be checking with QR scan on their phones along with prayer request. There will be no dinners this year. The church will try to have snack bags for the kids since some are just getting out of practices and chores. The kids will be doing different activities such as: shoebox, caroling and scavenger hunt. With shoebox the kids will gather different items for kids across the country. Then they will go down to Denver to repack and send the shoeboxes off.

Also, there will be different visitors and speakers throughout the year.

Mr. Lee introduce the youth from LaGrange that will be assisting him. First youth to assist is Kim Chapman from Springboro, Pennsylvania. This is her 3rd year helping in Pine Bluffs. She graduated last year and interned this year.

Also assisting is Caleb Bower from Wisconsin. His family are missionaries and travel all over the world. Next is Lucas Fowler from Peru.

With an hour left, Mr. Lee did a short message. At the end of the session the kids were excited to come back next week. Youth Group started at 6:30 on Wednesday at Crossroad Community Church for kids grades 7th to 12th.


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