Auxiliary Unit 60 assists in feeding homeless in Laramie County


February 11, 2021

Penny Merryfield/Pine Bluffs Post

Above: Charles Cunningham, John Wise of Post 60 assist Auxiliary members Gini Fuller, Jo Radcliffe, Julie Butler of the Auxiliary, Jeff Stottlemyer, Glen Romig (Post 60) and Diane Wise, President of Unit 60, serve the meal at the CDC.

Pine Bluffs Donald Eisenhauer American Legion Auxiliary Unit 60 recently provided a hot meal with all the trimmings at the Cheyenne Discipleship Center, which services and gives support to many of Laramie County's homeless people.

Some of these homeless people have come to the CDC by means of hitchhiking, and or walking.

Pine Bluffs has been fortunate to not have this homeless situation in our town. According to Police Chief, Chance Walkama, "When the occasion of a homeless individual comes to Pine Bluffs, they are usually aided with transportation to our borders. We currently do not have any facilities to house the homeless as the shelters in Cheyenne."

In Pine Bluffs, being connected to the interstate, sometimes truckers will pick up hitchhikers and will let them off at the rest area, telling them to go to the town on the other side of the bridge and they will find help, this is sometimes a trick on the truckers side. "We use to have a good samaritan fund set up and we would use these monies to help out those stranded, with no cash for gas, or a flat tire. However, this fund was zeroed out as it became a bit of a scam for people to use. Now everything goes through the police department, and we have seen a lot less scamming taking place." Walkama stated. People may still donate to this fund to aid those stranded and needing gas, etc.

Unit 60 was notified of a need for some assistance at the CDC and took it on as one of their community service projects.

This is the second month they have prepared and served a meal at the CDC. Last month they fed everyone chicken and noodles a side salad and desserts of their choice. This month's meal was chili.

The Auxiliary took two huge roasters of white chicken chili and a red chili, cinnamon rolls, veggies, corn bread, cookies and brownies along with lemonade. This is an activity the Auxiliary plans to try to continue through the upcoming months.

The Cheyenne Discipleship Center on a daily basis feeds over 30 to 100 displaced people from all walks of life including young, old and some veterans, according to Joshua Davis, Pastor.

"Everyone that attends is held to a good standard they're always very polite and nice. It's very humbling to be there helping. It makes you appreciate everything you have in life." Stated Jo Radcliffe, American Legion Auxiliary member.

Members of the Post also assisted the Auxiliary.

The next event is tentatively planned for the end of March. "The plan is spaghetti and garlic bread and maybe even a salad." said Radcliffe "We've noticed they really enjoy salads and stuff they can make themselves because everyone has different allergies or difficulties eating certain foods."


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