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Stuart Lerwick chosen to serve on WHSAA Advisory Council


April 29, 2021

Courtesy of Michael Lerwick

Above: Stuart Lerwick

Wyoming High School Activites Association has invited Pine Bluffs High School sophomore, Stuart Lerwick to serve as a member of the 2021-21 Advisory Council.

Sixteen students are selected from around the state through a nomination process to form the WHSAA Student Advisory Council. These students spend time evaluating our current sportsmanship initiatives and what other states around the country are doing to address sportsmanship issues. Elliot Hopkins, Director of Educational Services, from the NFHS joined the initial group to facilitate the process. It was a productive session that produced the "Join the RIDE!" initiative. These sixteen students will be facilitating a state wide Sportsmanship Summit which is scheduled in November. The summit will be designed so that each school may bring their student leaders to learn and return the core values of this initiative to their schools. Click on the link below to learn more about this initiative. We encourage each of you to "Join the RIDE!"

The Student Advisory Council challenges you to "Join the RIDE!" The new sportsmanship initiative developed by this group of students defines what it takes to be a RIDEr. To be a RIDEr you must show:

R espect to participants, officials, guests, your school, their school and yourself,

I ntegrity by treating others as you wish to be treated,

D edication through understanding that the RIDE takes time; it's worth it in the end, not just for you but for all, and

E ncouragement by promoting good sportsmanship just as much as you discourage bad sportsmanship.

The students also identified five groups that are essential in promoting and having an impact on positive sportsmanship. They then provided the role of responsibility for each of these groups.

Administrators: You are the standard by which sportsmanship excellence is measured. Consistency is key!

Coaches: You are the brightest beacon for good or bad sportsmanship. Be a good role model!

Spectators: Use your voice to represent yourself, your team, your school and your community in a positive way!

Participants: You are the reason everyone is there. Compete with class!

Officials: With your enforcement of the rules in a fair and consistent manner, the contest maintains its integrity.

Lerwick was nominated by Coach Will Gray. He is the son of Michael and Diane Lerwick.


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