Burns council discusses stop signs and traffic


Stop signs and traffic studies was the main topic at the Burns town council meeting on July 12 at 6:30 p. m. All council members were present for the meeting. Mayor James Clark called the meeting to order followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

The consent agenda consisting of both June meetings, town treasurers report, and town and utility board vouchers was approved.

The council received a letter from Rauchelle Meredith about the removal of the stop signs at Main and Fourth streets. Meredith is extremely opposed to the removal of the signs. In the letter she stated reasons of financial, traffic, speeds and reaction times, and human factors. Along with safety for her family and others. Mayor James Clark found out the stop signs were put up illegally because there was never a traffic study done. To remove the signs the town needs to have a traffic study performed to take them down legally. Council Jeff Appleman discussed why they needed to spend money on the traffic study, for the safety of the people. Mayor Clark did not want to spend money on the traffic study although this is one of the issues that he ran for mayor for. Scott Cowley suggested getting a quote for a traffic study to determine how to resolve the issue. Council Dennis Bastian feels this has been an issue for years. The Stop signs are an unnecessary inconvenience that need to go, it is wrong to leave the stop signs up. Council Appleman moved to leave the stop signs at the intersection on Fourth and Main as is. All approved, the stop signs will remain in place.

The council had a request for Scott Cowley to explain the new amount for the development standards. Cowley is working on completing the Development Standards for the town of Burns. Once the Standards are complete the Town of Burns will have an entire book of regulations and the policies will be in place. The Original proposal was for $30,000, now they need an additional $50,000 to complete the project. Mayor Clark inquired about the new timeline. Cowley stated,” it will be completed in six months.” Since we the council have started it, it needs to be finished. The council all approved of the additional amount to finish the project.

Burns committee member Kayla Madler stated,” that Burns Lion Club will be having a celebration for the Laramie County Fire District Six and Burns EMT’s. It will be on September 11th from 5:30 to 9:30 with a Sloppy Joe dinner and games. In addition, United Way of Laramie County is raffling off two half hogs on that night. The proceeds will be going to emergency personnel of Laramie County. Madler requested to use both gyms for the celebration. Council Appleman moved to allow the Burns Lions Club to use both gyms with no charge on September 11th. It was approved. The Burns Lions Club will be moving their meetings to the community center because they are growing.

Next was the utility board report by council member Appleman. The board talked about requiring the developers to provide survey printouts to the town of Burns at the end of the project.

The clerk's report was a big thanks to Judy Johnstone for helping town clerk Toni Shiery with the SAM number for federal funding.

In the mayor's report, mayor Clark again gave Johnstone a big thank you for the help of the SAM number for federal funding. The Burns Booster Club asked the town to buy an advertising spot for $175 on the sports calendar. It was approved.

Council member Rick Lakin addressed the issue of signs. He would like to see a big sign introducing the Town of Burns. Maybe using different businesses advertising on different months. Appleman and Bastain will work on the design and price for the council. The other concern on the signs is the compost site. It needs to be more defined of where to put the right items in the right area. And last but not least, the street signs need to be replaced. Town maintenance Mandel is getting a list and prices together.

Council member Appleman will be contacting the school district about concerns of the baseball park.

Old business is the new changes of Resolution 07-12-21-01 a Resolution Ratifying Approval of A proposition to impose the 1% Specific Purpose Tax. All the council approved.

For the new business, Jodie Saukerson is done cleaning for the town August 31st. The bid notice for cleaning the town building will be due at the town hall by July 26th at 11:30a.m.

The next meeting is July 26 at 5:30.


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