Pine Bluffs Farmers Market


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Above: Pine Bluffs resident, Carol Milton checks out the wares

Pine Bluffs Sunday Farmers Market was July 18th at 1:00 to 5:00. The market has grown some, there were twelve vendors.

First the nails can be all done in a short time. This stick-on nail can help set up your theme of the day or month. After picking out the latest look for fingernail design, step on over and quench the thirst with a tasty homemade drink or popsicle. As hot as its been everyone needs something to help them cool down. Made special for the customer right there in the vendors RV. Nails, and drinks what's next?

Clothes! Need something fresh and new to wear? Pay a visit to this vendor and you might find something you like. Plus a book of items for beauty products, it was hard to choose from with this vendor. More excitement, fresh vegetables, eggs and home grown honey. Supplied by Michaud Farms. Next you can put your fresh drink in your own specially designed cup. That would be great, right? You pick what you want for the design, the vendor puts that design on what product you want and "voila" a personalized purchase.

"To be clean or to not to be clean is the question." Topanga Scents is a company for cleaning and body products to include soaps, lotions, fabric spray and laundry detergent with amazing aromas. A person could be on a honey high with Horse Creek Honey out of Cheyenne. They collect local honey to make their products. Could a person get their hand caught in Jessi's cookie jar? Of course you can with a delicious lobster cookie and other sweets treats.

Every young girl needs a twirl in a great looking dress. This vendor had dresses for little girls. Calling all future models! Someone needs to show off the cool looking dresses. Who likes to read? Everybody should love to read. Especially kids. It's a great downtime activity and sparks the imagination. So, to help settle the kids down for the day, pick up a good book at Usborne Books & More go home and start an adventure after farmers market.

Before you head home though, make that last stop and pick up some home made jelly to sweeten the way.

A person can come to the Pine Bluffs Farmers Market and be set for a great day. Looking forward to the next market in two weeks. Hope to see you there!


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