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Pine Bluffs High School Music performs in Cheyenne


Courtesy of Ginger Crow, Pine Bluffs High School

Above left: Choir - Hayden Hoffman, Kaylea Bymer, Tessa Long, Hailey Hand, Jessica Weller, Rebecca McCollum, Madelyn Brown, Jasmin Garcia, Sharon Sanchez, Alexis Vallance, Jasmin Becerra, Catilyn Eggli, Kailen Martinez, Delaney Popham, Saigh Anderson, Amanda Michaud, Janie Davis, and Alyssa Slade.

The Pine Bluffs Band and Chorus performed at the Southeast Music Festival in Cheyenne on April 11th and 12th.

The band performed Three songs. The first song is Celtic Voyage. This song is about Irish immigrants. The drums in the background are the sound of the ocean. The flute solos are the main theme. It is about the hardships on the journey to America. The second song Novena. It is rhythmic vitality song. The last is the Disney song Mulan. This is about a girl who impersonates a man to serve in the military. In the music she struggles throughout her adventure. The band received an excellent rating.

The chorus performed two songs. It started with Change ( a Charlie Puth song). A folk song about change in family, the world and life. Next was Jacob Narverud with Lunar. This is a lullaby. The melodies and harmonies soar supporting the piano. It can be challenging but rewarding. The Choir received an excellent rating.

There were three solos, Rebeca McCollum on flute, Jessica Weller on trumpet, and Carson Rabou on drums. They received Superior ratings.


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