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Pawnee High School holds first annual Craft Fair to raise funds for school

The Grover cafeteria was full of activities. Pawnee High School had their first Craft Fair on December 3rd from 4:00 p.m. through 7:00 p.m.

It was at the cafeteria at the Pawnee High School in Grover, Colorado. It was a small craft fair, there were eight vendors at the event. The vendors had personal drawn greeting cards, soaps of different kinds, crocheted dish towels and rags, school calendars, homemade baked goodies, pictures of photos, school t-shirts, and a table of Christmas items.

In the kitchen the students were busy making something. The question was what are you making? They said, " Cabbage pockets." The dinner started at 5:00 p.m. It was homemade cabbage pockets, rice with gravy and green beans. Also dessert and drinks came with the dinner. The cabbage pocket was filled with the bold favor of garlic, a dash of onion, hamburger, and cabbage. The food was awesome and filled the stomach. Afterwards bingo was played for the evening.

The Pawnee High School has been having these dinners once a month. They don't have any sports teams due to the size of the school student wise. That means no concessions to earn money for trips for the seniors and other activities in the high school. The dinners have been successful for them earning the money for the trips. This will continue until school is out. Then it will pick up again on Grover Day in August with concessions.

The students prepared and cooked the food themselves. Next month the dinner will be on January 13th with a potato bar. The potatoes are huge is what the teachers saying.


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