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Good morning Banner County, friends and neighbors near and far. I know most if not all of us were praying for rain, well rain it did. Sunday morning there were still puddles in places, and amazingly suddenly there were green pastures and lawns everywhere you looked. What a beautiful sight indeed. Even the calves in the pastures seemed to feel better.

The high school track team had a scheduled meet in Scottsbluff on Saturday and it was not cancelled.

As of tomorrow the students at Banner County have just slightly more than three weeks of school remaining in the 2015 school year. With all that goes on outside of the classroom these final remaining weeks are crucial time wise. Many activities are a major part of their grades also and one of those is the District Music Contest which will be today Thursday, April 23rd at WNCC. Also, today is the Highway Clean-Up day, for K-12 students here in Harrisburg. The younger ones will be around town and the older students will be out along the spur so please be aware Last year as they were doing this I remember one group of students rounding up a stray goat that was on the loose here in town. You just never know what you will find. On Friday, April 24 the high school track team will be on their way to Morrill for competition, and on the 28th some will be competing in the Best of the West challenge in Scottsbluff. Safe travel and good luck to you all.

The Central-Banner 4-H Club met last Sunday afternoon at the school cafeteria. Fifteen members were on hand and after regular business they grew some crystals in jars. Next meeting is scheduled for June 7 at 5 p.m.

Once again the Presbyterian Church, located at 600 W. 7th will be showing a free film at 3 p.m. on Sunday, April 26. The movie is an award winning true story of Michael Ohers' life. He was a traumatized and homeless boy who was eventually adopted by a wealthy christian family. Michael grew to become a pro football player and has a story to teach through the life he has lived. The church will provide popcorn and you are welcome to bring your own soft drink.

Wednesday, April 29 is National Walk @ Lunch Day. The reason I mention this one is that very likely the K- 12th grade students will be talking a short walk sometime that day, so be aware. Little heads up - the Kimball Concert Association will be having a concert at the Kimball High School on Friday, May 1. The concert is entitled Six Appeal and will begin at 7:30 p.m.

Well birthday wishes go out this week to : Trish Lind, Josh McGowan, Dick McGowan, Rick Mitchell, Julie Smith, Kathy Malm, Logan Carlson, Stephanie Gifford, Annette Knaub, Rayfe McGowan, and Amanda McGowan. Happy Birthday!

Anniversary congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Bill Baker and Alan Elsen. Just a word to the wise before I finish up here. I had been told a week or two ago that snakes were out up at the Monument. Well, they are out here too. We have a calf that has been bitten under the chin and is on the mend. Better him than one of us, but better yet, not at all. So be careful out there, take care and have a great week. Call me anytime at 436-7152, 641-1335, or mail me to Barb cross (Mrs. Rod)


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