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Articles from the September 21, 2017 edition

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  • Third reading for Ordinance 2017-05

    Amy Votruba|Sep 21, 2017

    The third reading of Ordinance 2017-05 was the main topic of Monday's council meeting. The third reading was approved; as well as the amendment to the second reading. Amendments included the height of grass/weeds and charging administrative fees of 20% of clean-up to the property owner. County Commissioner Thompson attended the meeting and shared regarding the court house remodel and jail expansion projects are moving right along. Also discussed was the upcoming "Kite Festival." Scheduled to be...

  • Coffee, stories and jokes

    Amy Votruba|Sep 21, 2017

    Laughter, jokes, coffee, and donuts (since it was Friday); was the topic of Tuesday morning coffee meeting at the Senior Center. It was a pleasure to speak with Alisha Michaud, the director of the Senior Center. At the time there was a group of men who meet for coffee, normally, Monday thru Friday; from 9:30 to about 10:00/10:30 a.m. This group has been meeting at the Senior Center for several years. It is a group from 5-12 participates. These morning meeting are open to all genders; however at...

  • Summer beauty stands the test of fall

    Amy Votruba|Sep 21, 2017

    Fall officially landed on Friday, September 22, but it hasn't stopped many yards in Pine Bluffs from still looking beautiful as if summer never stopped. Even though the temperatures have dropped this past week, there is still beauty in town. Billy and Lisa Fritze are just one of the homeowners that take pride in their yards. A current employee of the railroad, yard work remains a hobby for the Fritzes. Billy and Lisa have lived in Pine Bluffs for more than 20 years and their first goal after...

  • Excellence prevails both on the field and between the net!

    Peter Syvanen|Sep 21, 2017

    Although the Hornets rocked their last season, John Merryfield feels that they can still make a lot of improvements this year. Merryfield has seen the changes in his team over the years and their improvements towards greatness. "I have seen excellence in the way we work hard and put in the effort. It brought the team together to beat all odds!" Said Merryfield. Merryfield mentioned that teamwork will be the life lesson he carries with him after high school. He appreciates how football has...

  • No great financial change by interstate construction

    Scott Schulte|Sep 21, 2017

    What's that saying? The more things change, the more they stay the same? This could easily be said about the economic impact, or lack thereof, from the I-80 construction through Pine Bluffs. With the influx of vehicles leaving I-80 in both directions, it would seem money would have been spent at local businesses. This doesn't appear to have been the case, however. "I think things pretty much stayed the same as usual," Ben Larkin, assistant manager at the Pine Bluffs Sinclair Truck Stop. The...

  • A family welded together

    Scott Schulte|Sep 21, 2017

    Tiffany Gustamantes is a woman who knows what she wants in her life. She is also a woman who will do what is necessary, no matter what it takes, to get what she is after. Just ask her husband, Jake. The life of Jake and Tiffany reads like one of those Saturday afternoon television romance stories. That doesn't seem to bother Jake, 25, or Tiffany, 23. The couple had been dating in 2014, when Jake was a pipe welder journeyman. It was then he was sent for work to Gillette, WY. This left Tiffany...

  • Hornets topple Rams in OT

    Scott Schulte|Sep 21, 2017

    A great team figures out how to win when it is in trouble. Such was the case for the Pine Bluffs Hornets Friday night. Down 14-0, the defending 1A state champions not only had a hill to climb, but atop that hill was Big Horn, last year's 2A state champion. With a shift in classifications, the two powerhouses are both in the 1A division this year. Heading into Friday night's game the Hornets were ranked third, while Big Horn owned the top ranking. After climbing into overtime, Big Horn struck...

  • Victory for the Lady Coyotes

    Dorothy Timm|Sep 21, 2017

    The lady Coyotes traveled to Peetz Tuesday September 12 and the Coyotes came home with the victory. Coach Mary Burson said, "The girls played very well. Their serving was on the spot. The setters, Erin Ellis and Shelby Hoffman set the attackers and the attackers, Jaycie Hahn, Rhiannon Mowery, Malauriane Russell and Missy Cline used their good sets to make some kills in the game. I am very proud of the Coyotes on their win." Pawnee Peetz 25 21 25 27 25 19 25 20 3 1 Friday September 15, the...

  • Lady Broncs battle in conference

    Traci Schneider|Sep 21, 2017

    We ended week 4 of this season with 2 losses. Potter-Dix was a hard hitting team with strong blockers. We came back in the 3rd set from a 13-1 deficit but ended losing the match in three with scores of 12-25, 13-25, 21-25. Our Homecoming match was against the Glenrock Herders. We came out strong and took the first set 25-17. The Herders made adjustments and took the second set 19-25. We ended up losing the last two sets 21-25 and 22-25. We had to make some adjustments to our starting line....

  • Burns crushes Saratoga, 42-6

    Sep 21, 2017

  • More Summer Beauty

    Sep 21, 2017