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  • Fireworks - bling in the sky

    Elizabeth Syvanen Post Reporter Intern|Jun 28, 2018

    As many know, the fourth of July, otherwise known as Independence Day is the day that we celebrate the acceptance or adoption, as it is also referred to, of the Declaration of Independence. For some this means a full out celebration including speeches, readings of said Declaration, a BBQ, wearing red white and blue, and of course, a night filled with fireworks. Fireworks were always one of my absolute favorite parts, coming in all sorts of colors and ranging in sizes, filling the night sky with beauty. Fireworks aren’t only seen once a year but...

  • Small Town, Big Family

    Elizabeth Syvanen Post Reporter Intern|Jun 21, 2018

    Living in a small town has many pros and many cons, one in particular being how many jobs are available and how many people are looking for jobs. Recently I moved to Colorado, and the windows of opportunity seemed much wider, as there were many more businesses around me to look at to find work. However, the jobs still have similar cons as they did when looking for work in a small town. There are still many people searching for employment but only so many jobs. With the population here being around 80,000 and the population of Pine Bluffs being...

  • Remaking summer school to better fit students needs

    Elizabeth Syvanen|Jun 7, 2018

    With summer now here, many kids are ecstatic that it means no more school. However, that isn't the way it is for every student. Many schools have kids going to summer school, which is traditionally in June. Summer school was originally to make up for failed classes, to receive one-on-one help, and to recover or make up lost credits. Because of these factors being the primary reason for summer school becoming a need and for some, a necessity, a new plan was devised. PBHS started offering Friday school along with the regular four-day school...

  • Summertime Vibes

    Elizabeth Syvanen Post Reporter Intern|May 17, 2018

    With graduation just around the corner, all students know what that means, summer time! Well, practically. Although summer doesn't officially start until the last few weeks of June, the weather lately hasn't seemed to notice. Seniors are done! My biggest upcoming priority has to be sleeping in, but that isn't the only thing that I am looking forward to this summer. I mean, come on, warm weather means water fights with siblings, swimming, camping, hiking, and so many other activities that I've...

  • New Beginnings come from an End

    Elizabeth Syvanen Post Reporter Intern|May 10, 2018

    With Graduation nearly upon us, the life of a senior is always busy. Some of us have had to finish four quizzes the same week that grades were due, while others had to get caught up. One of the most important days in many students’ lives is quickly approaching and they must wrap the school year up right. Many of us are scared, some are overwhelmed, and even more are excited. I don’t know how I would have made it this far without the support and wisdom of teachers, friends and especially family. I’m very certain many of the people in the senior...

  • It began at the Starting Line!

    Elizabeth Syvanen Post Reporter Intern|May 3, 2018

    This past Thursday I had the pleasure of attending Special Olympics. Special Olympics is something I hold in very high respect. People with intellectual disabilities of all sorts gathered around the starting line at Cheyenne Central High School. It began with Track and Field Events. After lunch, which was served by volunteers, many of which came from Pine Bluffs High School, East H.S. welcomed us for basketball. Track, Weights, Swimming, and basketball were just a few of the events. Everyone...

  • Pine Bluffs brings home the Blue!

    Elizabeth Syvanen|Apr 26, 2018

    Once every year, thousands of students and teachers gather together in the Casper Event center to view the best artwork from high school students throughout the state. For the first time in many years, the Pine Bluffs High School attended the Wyoming High School Art Symposium. There were over five thousand pieces of artwork on display. This year, Pine Bluffs had fourteen students participate, and Burns had three. Pine Bluffs students brought home four blue ribbons and Burns brought home one as...

  • Guts to be Judged

    Elizabeth Syvanen Post Reporter Intern|Apr 26, 2018

    This past Friday, I had the pleasure of attending Casper's Annual High School Art Symposium. The kids that went spent approximately six hours on a bus, three one way and three back. In my opinion, it was worth every second. There was just about everything there, from taxidermy, to 3D sculptures, to paintings, fused glass, ceramics, and everything in between. It was incredibly eye opening to be around that much quality artwork, and honestly pretty overwhelming. The beauty of art, in my opinion,...

  • The Life spring brings

    Elizabeth Syvanen Post Reporter Intern|Apr 19, 2018

    If you've ever been around baby animals, I'm sure you're able to recognize the warm, cheerfully-serene feeling that seems to radiate from around them. Personally, it doesn't get much better than walking out to the barn and seeing the small, adorable, fuzzy face of a week old lamb staring back at me. With our final ewe deciding to have her lambs around the sixth of this month, we had two last lambs added to the mix, Dopey and Pongo. Around my house you would find multiple hints at springtime....

  • Dinner with a Cause

    Alyssa Miller and Elizabeth Syvanen|Apr 12, 2018

    After the tragic loss of two inspiring students, the Pine Bluffs FFA chapter and Pine Bluffs High School senior class will be holding a dinner and silent auction to help the two families of the students who made such an impact in our daily lives. If there are any items that you would like to donate, we are asking that you contact Kenzie Graves at (307-575-7835). Items included in the dinner will be smoked pork loin, side dishes, dessert, and a drink. It will take place on Thursday, April 26th...

  • Change brings new beginnings

    Elizabeth Syvanen Post Reporter Intern|Apr 12, 2018

    At the end of the school year, there are huge changes. One class leaves, another one takes their place and like stairsteps, the classes below it follow. Not only will Pine Bluffs this year be losing it’s seniors, but also many staff members. The art teacher, Mr. Cosner, Is moving to Riverton to be near family, Mr. Hellbaum, a math teacher, is moving to Douglas so he and his wife can be closer to her family. Ms. Roeder, who teaches Science and Mr. Malcolm who teaches History, will be retiring. Ms. Kennedy, a para. Due to this, Pine Bluffs H...

  • Why 4-H?

    Elizabeth Syvanen Post Reporter Intern|Apr 5, 2018

    Having been in 4-H since I was eight, I've often been asked "why 4-H?" That question to someone like me is a lot like "Why art?" Because it's something that I enjoy, and it's something that with effort I can be good at. 4-H is a place where you can excel in something without being tied or linked to school. It also comes without limitation. 4-H is taught by experts or enthusiasts from the community who share their expertise for everything from needlework, to Robotics, poultry, small engines,...

  • More than just a game

    Elizabeth Syvanen Post Reporter Intern|Mar 15, 2018

    This year the Pine Bluffs Music Bingo was held in the new elementary school for the first time. The Music Bingo is the biggest annual fundraiser that the Music department holds. The money earned goes into many things including equipment repair, taking students to the music festival in Cheyenne, taking students to district honor band and choir, and helps pay for the music played throughout the year. The last few years, the Bingo program has run fairly late. A lot of thought went into how it...

  • Haize Fornstrom, MVP

    Elizabeth Syvanen Post Reporter Intern|Mar 8, 2018

    Getting into the state championships for basketball is hard enough, but having all eyes on you as a player is even more difficult. The Most Valuable Player, Haize Fornstrom, didn't even seem to flinch. Going into state the Hornets had only lost one game to Big Horn so the confidence level was pretty high. "I knew that we could do it. I felt pretty good, just going into the game. I felt like the guys had progressed this year and we did better as a team. That we could win," said Fornstrom....

  • Grades, are they still important?

    Elizabeth Syvanen Post Reporter Intern|Mar 1, 2018

    Being someone who grew up around people who take grades very seriously, I was taught from an early age that grades are important. Good grades open many more doors and they affect your life directly out of high school whether you're going into college or not. I believe that grades not only show intelligence, but effort. You can be terrible at math, but with enough studying you can get a decent grade. Being in high school, I'm around mindsets of all sorts. Some students care so much to the point...

  • Singing for the community

    Elizabeth Syvanen Post Reporter Intern|Mar 1, 2018

    This year the Pine Bluffs High School Choir decided to try out a new fundraiser for Valentine's Day. "We decided to do singing valentines. At first the idea sounded a bit silly, but it actually turned out to be a lot of fun," said several of the choir members. The day started at the daycare where they sang a well known friendship song by Bruno Mars called 'Count on Me,' to the children. Valentine's day isn't just about couples and relationships, it's about friendships as well. The choir took...

  • FFA more than just farming

    Elizabeth Syvanen Post Reporter Intern|Feb 22, 2018

    When it comes to the importance of Agriculture, it's incredibly high, the reason being simple. We all need food if we want to stay alive. FFA focuses on that but has more defining qualities as well. Craig Spatz of Burns High School said, "I think basically, because of my love for agriculture, I chose to become an FFA adviser. I grew up on a farm, I've been around it all of my life, and I especially believe in what it does for kids. You get to work with amazing kids, not only in the classroom...

  • Pine Bluffs FBLA students place at competition

    Elizabeth Syvanen Post Reporter Intern|Feb 15, 2018

    In 1937, Hamden L. Forkner of Teachers College, Columbia University in New York City proposed a national club to promote business education. The proposal was accepted, passed, and funded in 1940 and has since been call Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). Since then, it has grown and is a club in schools all across the country. FBLA focuses on preparing students to be the future business leaders of tomorrow. Not knowing how FBLA impacted the students, I decided to ask fellow classmates...

  • Senioritis

    Elizabeth Syvanen Post Reporter Intern|Feb 8, 2018

    Senior year is hard, even for the seniors. "I feel like I'm surviving but just barely," was the answer I got from most of the 2018 Graduates to be. I decided to ask what advice seniors would give to underclassmen, and to my surprise there was a lot of similar answers. The first secret was to "stay on top of your course work, and don't procrastinate, because it will snowball," which came from fellow senior Kenzie Graves. Second, "Apply for scholarships early on and just take in every moment,"...

  • Candy, Cards and Love Songs

    Elizabeth Syvanen|Feb 1, 2018

    Chocolate, candy hearts, a rose or Valentine's day cards are the 'norm' when it comes to showing just how much you love someone on Valentine's day. This year however, the Pine Bluffs High School choir decided to make it possible to share a gift that's completely unique. They are offering "Singing Valentines" on February 14, 2018. Your recipient will receive a card and candy along with a performance of your selected song (a love song or friendship song). This is a chance for your favorite song...

  • More Than Just a Day

    Elizabeth Syvanen Post Student Reporter|Nov 9, 2017

    Although it's rarely talked about, unless around certain parts of the year, Veteran's day is something that has touched every person in America, regardless of their awareness. Without the sacrifice of so many men and women, people all over would not have the freedoms that they do today. The veterans of the United States of America have fought for us, not themselves. Just think, would you rather be sitting in your living room drinking that nice, steaming cup of coffee or tea, or sitting outside... Full story

  • Christmas with a Cost

    Elizabeth Syvanen Post Student Reporter|Nov 9, 2017

    As I look around and snow is all that I see, A white Christmas is in front of me, But my Christmas came with a cost, People that shiver in the cold frost. And I realize just how lucky I truly am, And as that weary soldier begins to stand, Tears fill my eyes as I close them to pray and give thanks For the soldier that didn’t make it through the day, For I owe more than a present to that soldier As the snowflakes are falling and it gets colder, Because without him, Christmas, Christmas wouldn’t be. Because of him, presents are around a bri... Full story